2016 ARDOR Report

“The Alaska Regional Economic Assistance Program was established in 1988 under AS 44.33.895 to encourage the formation of regional development organizations in locations across the state. These Alaska Regional Development Organizations (ARDOR) prepare and implement regional development strategies that incorporate local knowledge. Qualified ARDORs have historically received annual base project funding from the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (DCCED) that may be leveraged for funding from federal, local and private programs. All ARDORs are required to provide matching funding equal to a minimum of 33.33 percent of the grant amount; in practice, many ARDORs match at far greater levels.

ARDORs are the primary economic development agencies providing support services for their regions, communities and businesses. ARDORs throughout the state have similar challenges and implement similar scopes of work, but the form and function of each ARDOR is customized to each specific region. As partners of the State of Alaska, ARDORs encourage economic development and growth in their regions and are strengthened by their connections to other regions through the statewide program.

ARDORs are directed at the local level by elected or appointed boards of directors that reflect the economic diversity and the character of the region. Some ARDORs have achieved additional federal designations, which enable the organizations to qualify for increased federal funding. ARDORs have also developed business, municipal and private memberships that reflect the distinct needs of each region.

The ten currently designated ARDORs represent areas that range in size from the Municipality of Anchorage to the sparsely populated and sprawling Southeast, Southwest and Western regions of Alaska. Several rural regions like the Arctic Slope and large expanses of the Interior do not currently have designated ARDORs.”

~ ARDOR Report Excerpt

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