Writing Your Small Business Plan

Yukon Delta, Alaska
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Prepared by the University of Alaska, Center for Economic Development (visit website)

From the “Steps to Success for Rural Entrepreneurs: Writing Your Small Business Plan” (available below for download):

Economic development is all about people. People are the reason we seek economic
growth. People introduce the ideas and innovations that drive our economies. For many
years, entrepreneurship has been the driving force behind the U.S. economy. Where
entrepreneurship is strong, you find self‐sufficient people living in healthy communities.

In Alaska, the rural economy has been based mostly on large‐scale resource production
and government spending. Often, a big share of this money is spent outside the
community and even the state. Entrepreneurship has an important role to play in the
future of the rural Alaska economy, and your business can be a part of that.

Whether your goal in starting your own business is to stay and make a living in your own
community or pursue an innovative idea with the potential for global commercialization,
this handbook will take you through the process of developing your business idea into a
business plan.

Entrepreneurial spirit

The indigenous ingenuity of the first Alaskans enabled them to survive and build
communities in remote places with a harsh climate. They did this by mastering a variety
of sciences to create practical objects – tools, containers, weapons, watercraft, and
clothing – uniquely suited to their environment.

Alaska’s communities continue to face challenges, but the challenges presented by
today’s changing world also bring new opportunities. Technology developments have
introduced a new set of powerful business tools and greater access to global markets.
The rising cost of fuel has caused hardship throughout rural areas, creating increased
interest in alternative energy. Climate change is forcing Alaskans to adjust to a different
reality, which creates opportunities for innovative and adaptive thinkers. The future is
full of possibilities for Alaskan entrepreneurs like you.

People with entrepreneurial spirit are resilient, creative, and team‐oriented. Rural
Alaskans have already demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit with their tradition of
creativity and adaptation. Alaska’s people have unlimited capacity to invent a self‐
sufficient and healthy future for their communities.”

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